About Us

Points Projects started in an attempt to establish a teaching platform to provide educational services in a modern way that differs from the traditional methods, using the most important ways to help achieve this goal.Points Projects started as an idea for students, between walls of the room that located in Damascus; where the first and last goal is to overcome the difficulties, simplify the solutions and reach the desired goals for all, which facilitates the learning process and helps to shorten a lot of time which is often the only obstacle in Completing tasks.As a simple idea, Points Projects is still trying to make the best contribution to the educational life of each person needs to signify and help, that it started from the personal relations to reach the goal of access to the global network to provide services on a wider, from professional and more accurate.Here you will find all available options in terms of services, articles, research, and books published in an attempt to make this site the first priority for every researcher or academic to discover his or her question.We seek to improve our services to provide the best, so we await your support and suggestions.